Prior to becoming a Surveyor Associate with SAMS, Andy owned and operated Anchors Way Marine Centers in Southern California during which time he oversaw over 2000 individual boat yard projects. His checklist assumes that you have already performed your own due diligence selecting a facility based upon: past results, yard skill sets,referrals, work quality,lighting,cleanliness, safety and environmental responsibility. Plan the Work then Work the Plan!

Before Arrival

  • Have the yard shift your boat so you can sleep in and have coffee with your wife/husband/dog.
    Yards typically offer intra-harbor delivery at little or no additional expense and it allows them to manage their

    workflow better.
  • Dinghy, kayaks etc removed or cleared away?
    These items can get in the way during haul out and while in the yard plus they will get dirty and fill with rainwater.
  • Bilges clean and mucked?
    This will give you a post launch reference. Yard crews will treat a well-cared for boat differently.
  • Interior access points and lazarettes decluttered?
    Yards bill time and materials so you can pay them to clear out your stuff or not, its up to you.
  • Holding tank pumped?
    Do I really need to explain this?
  • Boat washed?
    Set the benchmark for launch day now.

More Before Arrival

  • Ask the yard if they will need to remove your back stay prior to haul.
    Many yards may need to loose or remove a stay to get the entire boat into their lift. YES most cranes are blue but they are all different due to custom fitting to their facility, no kidding, so prep in advance for this.
  • Bow in or Bow out at haul out area?
    Good idea to ask the yard office prior to arrival.
  • Interior carpet, soles, upholstery protected
    Yards are conscientious but if major work is to be performed inside your boat, best to lead by example.
  • Email a Bottom sketch showing transducers and thru hulls or a picture of your boat in the slings to the yard office?
    Lift operators love this.
  • Furler Secured?
    There is nothing worse than a loose head sail at 3 a.m. in a blow…on the hard.
  • Defrost and clean out freezer/fridge?
    Nothing worse than rotten food and puddles after 5 days in the yard.

Upon Arrival

  • Speedo paddle wheel out?
    These things break pretty easy.
  • Dropping the rudder(s)?
    Let the yard know BEFORE haul out, as the boat may be blocked down too low to clear the rudder post.
  • Swing keel/Center board up?
    Let the yard know the location of the CB and its hardware, as they may want to block boat down higher to enable maintenance of it while partially lowered.
  • Sails and ising glass covered?
    Bottom paint on sails and ising glass is not good.
  • Take a “Bow on” picture showing current boat condition and inclination (list)
    Get out of jail free card!
  • Got your car keys and wallet?
    It may be awhile before your boat is cleaned and blocked.
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